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Boxing Trainer- Contemporary Tradigital Art by Merrill Kazanjian    (Released in 2009, October)
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My friend Al Alvir has a very popular Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts blog- and I decided to create a character for one of the writers he has on staff (O'Toole). Allen is a big fan of Mike Tyson (heavyweight champion) and his legendary trainer Cus D'Amato who also trained managed Floyd Patterson (olympic and heavyweight champion) and Jose Torres (light heavyweight champion) so I made this character with D'Amato in mind. I used D'Amato reference photos for my initial drawing but also had fictional "Rocky" trainer Mickey Goldmill in mind (portrayed by Burgess Meredith). Using these two icons; one from pop culture one from reality, gave me an interesting image to illustrate. In this video, I documented my process. I started out with a pencil drawing that was based on reference photos of Cus D'Amato and fictional character Mickey Goldmill. Next, I cut out two boxing gloves from a photograph and glued them down. Then, I added a layer of illustration marker to quickly put down some color. I followed the markers with a layer of color pencil and I exadurated the wrinkles. I also use color pencil to prime the artwork for painting. Then I added some paint. The paint mixes very well with the color pencil. Next I scanned the artwork and opened it up in Paint Shop Pro 9. I didnt like the pose of the body so I changed it. (Arent digital possibilities wonderful?) I juxtaposed hands legs and feet. Then I printed it again. The print is like a dried layer of paint. I started layering with color pencil again and I followed it up with oil paint. Mixing traditional mediums with digital technologies is called tradigital art.

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