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Merrill’s T-Shirt Art Tutorial (Avery T-Shirt Iron on Transfers)    (Released in 2010, June)
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How to Make a T-Shirt Transfer


Avery Dark T-Shirt Transfers

Avery Dark T-Shirt Transfers

Iron-on Transfer Matte 3279 Create custom T-shirts, aprons, pillow cases, quilts and more. All you need is your computer, inkjet printer and a household iron. Software that will flip the image is not required. Dark T-shirt Transfers are optimally designed for dark-colored cotton or poly/cotton fabric. Transfers feed easily through most inkjet printers. Letter 8.50" x 11" Avery Dennison 5 x Transfer Dark T-Shirt Transfer Inkjet Avery No 0% 0% No

Supplies Needed:

1.) Scanner

2.) Ink Jet Printer

3.) Iron

4.) Fabric Transfer paper

Fabric Transfer Paper is a special type of paper that gets ironed on to a shirt, after a design is printed on it, from an inkjet printer. (I use Avery Dark Fabric Transfers for the shirts I make).


1.) The first thing that you will need to do is to scan or photograph your favorite artwork and save it as a JPEG file on your computer.
2.) After that, open up the scanned file in any photo editing program and crop your image. Please note that if you use Avery dark transfer paper, you will not need to flip the image. If you use another brand, be sure to read the directions carefully, because most brands of transfer paper require you to flip the image during this step.
3.) Next, place the paper white side down in the printer and press print. You should get close to a perfect copy of your original artwork
4.) After you print, grab a scissor, its time to trim your image. Cutting is an art form so be sure to be neat when you cut. If you use the dark fabric transfers, any area that you do not cut out will be white. Usually I leave an eighth of an inch border around my artwork, but I did not for this image. Cutting is usually the longest and most annoying step of the process, but be sure not to rush yourself.
5.) After you cut, peel the paper off of the back of the image like you are seeing me do here. The image part is flexible and very difficult to rip so dont worry about that. It helped me to fold a corner before I peeled.
6.) For the final step, use the collar tag to center your image on the front or the back of a shirt. Make sure that neither the fabric of the shirt or the image is wrinkled. Avery supplies you with special heat resistant paper to place over the image and the t-shirt while ironing. After the iron is heated to a high setting, and the special paper is placed, press down firmly with the iron as you are seeing me do here.
Now lift up the paper and viola! you can now mass produce and wear your drawing. For information on where to buy the paper that I used in this video, hit the link in the video description. Thanks for watching!

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