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Thumbs Up: Step by Step How to Draw The Hand    (Released in 2010, March)
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You have three resources to work from. 1.) the video 2.) The step by step directions on this page 3.) A printable PDF (Link at bottom) with step by step directions. Take your time! I have noticed that the most successful students look at their reference image more often.


Remind yourself to look at the reference image at least once for every five seconds (This is especially important during the shading).





How to draw the hand thumbs up

Step 1: Make four upside down rainbows. Notice that each rainbow gets progressively further apart from the previous one as they move towards the top of the page.

How to draw the hand thumbs up 2

Step 2.) Observe the lines that stem from the right side of the rainbow. Notice that the top one is straight and angled downwards and the bottom one hooks upwards on the right side. The two in the middle are almost straight, but not quite.

Draw the Hand Step By Step 3 Thumbs up

Step 3: Step 3 is a tricky step. Spend a little extra time observing it. Fill in the ends of the bent fingers by creating sideways rainbow shapes. Observe the shape that was created on top. Finally, notice that the width of each finger increases from bottom to top.

Draw Hand Step by Step Thumbs Up 4

Step 4: Make the (elonglated) egg shape. Take some extra time to notice its placement.

Step by Step thumbs up how to draw hand 5

Step 5: Add the trapezoid like shape to connect the egg shape with the rest of the hand.

Step by Step draw hand thumbs up 6

Step 6: Add the rainbow shape on the left side. Take some extra time to notice where each side of the rainbow connects, Unfortunately no POT OF GOLD at the end of the rainbow!

how to draw hand thumbs up step by step 7

Step 7: Complete the crescent moon shape to create the origin of the wrist.


draw hand step by step thumbs up how to 8

Step 8: Use the reference images and the video to help you shade. Start out with the darkest parts. The darkest areas are between the fingers and the fold of skin at the base of the thumb.

Draw Hand Step by Step Thumbs up 9

Step 9: Use cross hatching to build up solid mid tones. After you build the mid tones, use the blending stump (tortillion) to smudge. The mid tones will help you create highlights (LATER....NOT NOW).

Draw hand step by step thumbs up 10

Step 10: Begin to use your darker pencils such as the 2B and the 4B- especially in the darkest parts- be careful not to press too hard because the darker pencils are more difficult to erase.

draw hand step by step thumbs up 11

Step 11: Now is a good time to start using the eraser to "smooth things out" and create highlights.

draw hand step by step thumbs up 12

Step 12: Its never too late to blend with the tortillion. This tool helps you give your drawing a smooth finish.

draw hand step by step thumbs up 13

Step 13: Combine the smoothing from the tortillion with the pencil (or kneaded) eraser to give your work a smooth finish.





Roxio's New Release!

Roxio Creator 2010 is the software that I use to make my videos!- Merrill

Thumbs up draw hand step by step 14

Step 14: Possibly, add darker tones with a 4B pencil and then smooth out any hints of hatching with a tortillion (optional)

How to Draw a Hand Thumbs Up Gesture Finished

Step 15: Finished


Download the PDF: CLICK HERE


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