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The Balding Emo    (Released in 2010, January)
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For those of you who dont know.....EMO's are the dudes known for their melancholy dress code, morbid body language, sad facial expressions and their taste in music.....but most of all, EMO's are famous for their super floppy, vision impairing hair! Oh look! Heres a fine specimen!....This leads us to a question that perplexes the universe.....Is an EMO still an EMO if he loses his hair? I want to hear your opinion......Post your answers to this question as a text comment or a video response, to enter yourself in this contest. All responses will be judged on humor and originality. Please don't post anything offensive because we want to make EMO's smile, not cry! The prize is an illustration of the winner be me, Merrill Kazanjian. As always I will document the process on video and give you a copy for your channel. The deadline for this contest is March 1st, 2010 and the winner will be chosen on March 2nd.......Anyway, heres how I drew the Balding Emo. Here are the steps that I took to create the "Balding Emo" artwork: Step 1.) Pencil Step 2.) Illustration Marker- Prismacolor and Chartpak Ad markers Step 3.) Color Pencil Step 4.) Scan with Epson Scanner Step 5.) Digital Collage using Paint Shop Pro 9 Step 6.) Print with Hewlett Packard Printer Step 7.) Color Pencil Step 8.) Scan with Epson Scanner Step 9.) Finishing Touches with Paint Shop Pro 9

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