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How to Draw the Male Nose Step by Step    (Released in 2009, December)
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You have three resources to work from. 1.) the video 2.) The step by step directions on this page 3.) A printable PDF (Link at bottom) with step by step directions. Take your time! I have noticed that the most successful students look at their reference image more often. Remind yourself to look at the reference image at least once for every five seconds (This is especially important during the shading). If you get stuck, refer to the video. Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know how you did! If you want to E-Mail me a picture of your work. I will post it on this page! Good Luck!

FREE Downloadable PDF for this lesson and a supply list at the bottom of this page.

Today I am going to teach you how to draw the male nose. Drawing is much easier when we break things down in to shapes. So lets do that with the nose. Notice that there are two trapezoids and an oval. These are our primary shapes with the nose. So grab a piece of paper and draw them now.

draw the male nose step by step 1

STEP 1- In step one of drawing the male nose, focus your attention on the shapes. There are three main shapes. 1.) An oval at the bottom, 2.) A tall trapezoid for the bridge of the nose. 3.) An upside down trapezoid at the top of the nose. 4.) Don`t forget to add the shapes for the nostrils.

draw the male nose step by step 2

STEP 2- For step two, simply erase the lines on the inside of the nose. It doesn`t look good yet......So let`s do a `nose job` with the shading, to make it look more realistic!

draw the male nose step by step 3

STEP 3- For this step, darken the nostrils. Te nostrils will be the darkest tone on any persons nose.

draw the male nose step by step 4

STEP 4- *****Notice that I ERASED the lines on the sides of the bridge of the nose!******* This is where most people go wrong in drawing the nose! The only part of the nose that can be expressed as a line is the bottom (Below and to the sides of the nostrils...especially the sides).

draw the male nose step by step 5

STEP 5- While I am not drawing eyes for this part, at the top of the bridge of the nose is the inner part of the orbit (of the eye). The orbits are also known as the eye sockets. They are the indentations where each eye sits. There is an orbit on either side of the nose. The tool that I am using in this picture is called a tortillion (also known as a blending stump or stub). It is condensed paper, shaped to the form of a pencil. It is used for blending. It is better to smudge or blend with this, rather than your hand, because your hand has oil that will be absorbed by the paper. Once the oil is absorbed in to the paper, the blending will be uneven, and over time, the paper will decay.

draw the male nose step by step 6

STEP 6- Notice the long trapezoid that I shaded in the middle of the nose. It is shaded very lightly. I put it is to differentiate the drawing from the white background. Please note that this will NOT always appear. All shadows are DIRECTLY RELATED to lighting. For this drawing, I assumed that the light was bright and directly above the nose.

draw the male nose step by step 7

STEP 7- I am putting on the finishing touches. I used my eraser to make two light highlights on the sides of each nostril. Often light bounces off surfaces and causes a `glare` effect rather than a `spotlight` effect. I also darkened the shadow below the nose.

draw the male nose step by step 8

STEP 8- In the final step I darkened the nostrils.


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PDF for this lesson: CLICK HERE

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