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How to Draw the WTF Expression Step by Step   
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Directions: Watch the video (above) and draw along with me as I narrate. Each step will be documented with a reference image (below). You can also print out a PDF of this lesson by hitting the "Download PDF" button above the video. You are about to create a GREAT drawing. Take your time and use all of the resources on this page. Good luck!

- Merrill :)

 WTF 1
Step 1: Draw the two circular shapes and the rainbow shape for the forehead. Be sure to notice the size of the rainbow shape compared to the circular shapes.

Step 2: Draw in the nose shape. Notice that it is perfectly symmetrical. Also notice that it resembles a long winged bird in flight.

Step 3: Draw in the mouth. Notice that it is comprised of four distinct shapes- the upper lip, the upper teeth, the inner mouth and the bottom lip. Notice that the bottom teeth are not shown.

Step 4: Complete the outline of the face. Be sure to add the double chin.

Step 5: Add the eyebrows and the ears. Be sure to notice that the eyebrow shapes are at the top of the circle shapes from step one. If you need more help with the ears, check out this ear tutorial.

Step 6: Add the eyes. Notice that the eyes are almond shaped. For this facial expression, notice that the pupil and iris is separated from the eyelids. If you need more help with the eye, check out this eye tutorial.

Step 7: Draw in the hair. You are probably saying WTF. Just trust me and draw what you see.



- Leave the whites of the eye VERY WHITE.

- Darken the areas around the eye to make him look deranged.

- Use a paintbrush to smudge the cross hatching. Give each part of the face a smooth, gradual transition in tone. This is the paint brush that I always use-

Merrill's Paintbrush(Click on the image to learn more)

- I used a HB pencil and a 6B pencil to do most of the shading (cross hatching) in this image. These are the pencils that I use.


Pencils used by Merrill(Click on the image to learn more)


 - For the line under the chin and on the edges of the face, use tortillions (paper stumps). Click here to buy the " target="_blank">paper stumps  " target="_parent">(CLICK HERE) that I use.

" target="_parent">Blick Paper Stump

- Use REAL drawing paper (it has "tooth" or texture that helps you shade). DO NOT use copy paper (very smooth- no "tooth". This is a link to the " target="_parent">BEST deal on drawing paper on the internet- CLICK HERE- 500 Sheets of 80LB paper for ????? 

Blick Paper Great Deal on Drawing Paper

- The hair on the sides of the head has greyed and it is very short (Do not put full pressure on the pencil).

- The hair on the top has thinned. (Do not press hard- Leave sporadic individual lines)

- Notice the darker tones at his hairline.

- Use the paint brush on the top of his head to give it the illusion of roundness

- The bottom half of the head seems slightly more in shadow than the top. This is because most lighting is above our heads, but also because of male facial hair (stubble).

- Notice that the moustache is NOT one solid tone

-Notice that the lines on the forehead do not go past 1/2 the height of the forehead.

Steps 8,9,10,11





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