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How to Draw Michael Jordan Step By Step Part 1   
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Above: How to draw Michael Jordan Step by Step

Below: The supplies I used to make this drawing.

Paintshop Pro Photo X3

Paintshop Pro Photo X3

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Do you fake the funk on a nasty dunk? Little Old Man's "got game", but his skills are nothing compared to Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls (NBA- National Basketball Association), the man most responsible for keeping my Knicks without a title in the 1990's. It took me a long time to forgive MJ for that... but I think I have I made a two video tutorial on how to draw him......Video 1 will give you step by step instruction on how to draw his head and video 2 will give you step by step instruction on how to draw his body. As always, hit the link in the video description to go to a printable step by step guide to help you draw and shade. Pause the video at the end of each step. Lets get started

Step 1: Draw an egg shape
Step 2: Put ears on the egg shape.... notice that the ear to your right is smaller than the ear to the left because his head is turned. Notice that their placement is on either side of the center of the egg.
Step 3: Add the two polygons that you see. Start each polygon at the top of the ear shape. Take some extra time to notice their shape and size. Then, just below the bottom of each ear, add a flat line, which we will later turn in to Michael Jordans nose. Finally, add a line for the mouth, one third of the way down, between the nose line and the chin line, at the bottom of the egg.
Step 4: Take a second to observe what happened to the nose line- I turned it in to three connected arcs. Notice the size and placement of the nostrils. Also add the sloping lines on either side of the nose
Step 5: Add the lines around the mouth. Notice that the top lip is M shaped and smaller than the bottom lip, which is shaped like an upside down rainbow. Also, observe and add Michael Jordan's moustache.
Step 6: Add the eyes and eyebrows. Take a second to notice their size and placement. The eyebrows are somewhat triangular, and lie on the inside corners of the polygons. The eyes are almond shaped and lie closer to the top, than the bottom of the polygon.
Step 7: Take some time to observe and add the lines for the shadows at the top of his head.
Step 8: Now observe and add the shadow lines on the bottom of the face.....He kind of looks like Darth Maul from Star Wars
Step 9: Add the lines for the ear on the left. If you wish, do the same for the ear on the right.

To shade I used a paint brush, graphite sticks, 3B, 6B and HB pencils, a blending stump (tortillion)....a q-tip can be substituted. I made this drawing on charcoal paper.

Michael Jordan played most of his career with the Chicago Bulls, but also played for the Washington Wizards. He took a year off to play in the White Sox organization (MLB- Major League Baseball) for the
Birmingham Barons after the death of his father James Jordan, He hit 203 and managed to hit 3 home runs and drive in over 50 runs. While jordan was with the bulls, he teamed with Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson to win five championships. Michael Jordan finished his career with the highest PPG average.

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