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How to Draw Megan Fox Step by Step   
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Above: A step by step drawing tutorial on how to draw Megan Fox

Below: The Materials that I used to draw her.

FAR BELOW: The extended shading tutorial for this video.

">15-Piece Drawing Set

15-Piece Drawing Set

Merrill's Opinion: Faber-Castell makes the best drawing pencils. These pencils are mixed with graphite and clay and enhance an artists ability to create and layer dark tones. You will see me use this set in almost all of my videos. 

Lyra Graphite Crayons

Lyra Graphite Crayons

Merrill's Opinion: Do you ever get TIRED of shading with a fine "tip" pencil? Get my "point"? This tool will save you time and money.

Click "MORE" to see me use this product in a video-

Robert Simmons White Sable Brushes

Robert Simmons White Sable Brushes

Merrill's Opinion: Robert Simmons brushes get better with age. These synthetic brushes collect particles of graphite as they are rubbed on a piece of paper. This enables me to softly move and blend tones. Most often I use the "Flat Size 10" brush but it helps to have a variety of sizes and shapes. 


Loew-Cornell Blending Stumps

Loew-Cornell Blending Stumps

Merrill's Opinion- INVALUBLE tools for blending! These will cost you LESS than a trip on the subway (Less than 2 dollars) and enhance your shading capacity substantially! I like Leow-Cornell because the stump is more compact and the tips do not wear as easily as other brands. I use these tools in almost every one of my videos.

Blick White Sulphite Drawing Paper

Blick White Sulphite Drawing Paper

Merrill's Opinion: Really, I DARE YOU, try to find a better value than this one! 500 sheets of 80LB (thick) drawing paper for $11.50. AMAZING DEAL!......If you use computer paper to create your drawings, you are ROBBING yourself from seeing what you can really do! This paper has more "tooth" (texture on the surface) than computer paper and your ability to shade will be enhanced.

This video is going to show you how to draw Megan Fox. It doesn't matter what your experience level is at drawing. All you have to do is follow the step by step instructions in this video. If you give it a try, you might transform your artistic skills.

megan fox step by step drawing
Step 1.) Draw the rainbow shape and the wavy line below it.

2 how to draw megan fox step by step
Step 2.) Turn the rainbow shape in to an egg shape. Notice that the bottom part of the egg shape is bigger than the top. Add the two ellipses below the wavy line. Notice that the two elipses are slightly different from each other. The one on your right is more circular and the one on the left is more oval like.

megan fox drawing
Step 3.) Step 3 is the tricky step. Take some extra time to observe before you draw. Notice the placement and shape of the squiggly line for the nose. It is slightly lower than the half way point of the egg shape for the head. It is not as wide as the flattened M shape for the top lip. When you draw the top lip, be sure to observe that it is closer to the nose, than the chin.

megan fox
Step 4.) Add the bottom lip and the space between the lips. Notice that I put a darker line below where the teeth will go. The bottom lip is similar to the width of the two shapes above it.

megan fox drawing tutorial
Step 5.) Just breathe! While this step looks difficult it is not urgent to perfectly get the shape of the hair. Remember,,,,,With the exception of the MTV show, Jersey Shore, hair is moving and never in a constant shape. Observe the hair in this image and draw it on your paper.

megan fox eyes
Step 6.) Add the eyes and eye brows. Notice that the eyebrows are at the top of the ellipses and the eyes fall in the center of the shapes. Notice that there is a double line over each eye. Also notice where the pupil and iris fall within the eye shape. Dont go too dark (yet) on the pupil and iris. She has green eyes.

Extended shading tutorial of my drawing of Megan Fox
Dont go too dark (yet) on the pupil and iris. She has green eyes. Dont go too dark (yet) on the pupil and iris. She has green eyes. is applied, the lashes stick together in a triangular shape. Her lashes are SUPER long. You can add that as a dark value right away. Dont go too dark (yet) on the pupil and iris. She has green eyes. When make up is applied, the lashes stick together in a triangular shape. The eyebrows can be shaded in as one tone (usually there is variation). The tone should be dark. Make sure that the bottom lashes are NOT as long as the top. With the mascara, her bottom lashes seem to be half the length of the top ones. This will seem wierd!.....But, the way that her head was turned, I only put in one nostril (with a hint of the second one......SOMEONE CALL STAR MAGAZINE! Megan Fox only has one nostril! Just kidding! :) Looks kind of scary now!....All drawings go through their arkward least mine do! Try to develop all parts of your drawing at the same pace The nose is tricky in this picture. There is a strong shadow on the right side of her face, but it is very complex. It is darkest 1.) in the nostril, 2.) followed by the bottom of the nose. 3.) The top of the nose by the right eye......It will take time to develop these tones. Notice how far back I hold my pencil.....I recommend that you try it! It works well for drawing and shading. When I need more control, I hold it closer to the tip. That brush is VERY soft tipped! I will use a bristle brush later.....and a blending stump. The bristle brush and the blending stump move the graphite more effectively, the soft tip brush gives a smoother blend. I use a HB pencil for most of the skin shading. I used a 4B for the lashes, eyes, nose, brows and the corner of the mouth. That is the 4B drawing pencil. That is the shadow created by her hair (overlapping her face), It is a very important shadow for this drawing to be believable. Corners of the mouth 4B..... lips HB. Shadow at the bottom of the bottom lip.....dont go too dark! Go light on the lines between the teeth. Hint at their existence....especially at the gum line. That is a 9B Graphite stick. It is extra wide to cover large areas. A graphite stick is the SAME THING as a pencil. The hair is very variable. I just recommend that you take the shape from this picture...but dont feel pressure to get it perfectly. Notice what I did on (her) right side....I drew in strong lines with the 9B graphite stick and then hatched (cross hatching) over it with a few lighter pencils (lighter as in 7B, 4B, HB). After I finish the hair, notice how much I use the HB pencil for the skin tones- (the yellow and the blue pencils are the HB's)

megan fox shading

megan fox pencil drawing

megan fox artwork

megan fox hair shading

megan fox pretty beautiful

megan fox portrait drawing step by step

megan fox step by step video

megan fox portrait finished


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