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How to Draw the Annoying Orange Step by Step   
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Above: A Tutorial on how to draw The Annoying Orange (Step by Step) with Colored Pencils and Illustration Markers.

Below: Deals on the supplies that I used.


Set of 96

Set of 96

Merrill's Opinion: This is Blick's version of Illustration Markers. They are identical to Prismacolor Illustration Markers but a LOT less expensive.

Includes one marker in each color and a Colorless Blender.

Special Offer!

Special Offer!

Merrill's Opinion: I am NOT picky about markers, but I am about colored pencils. There is no substitute for Prismacolor colored pencils. They are more opaque and blendable than any other brand of color pencils. You will need the ARTSTIX (spelled like that) colorless blender as well (also made by Prismacolor).

Get a FREE 12-color set of NuPastels with the purchase of a Prismacolor Premier Pencil 120-Color Tin Box Set! For a limited time only. No limit on purchases.

Wanna see a really annoying tutorial? Hey ....Yeah me too.....This video is going to give you step by step instruction on how to draw The Annoying Orange. As soon as the helium wears off, lets begin. Ah much better.... Step 1: Make a circular shape because oranges are circular.....even annoying ones. Step 2: When you make the eyes, remember that there is one eye length between each eye. The top of the eye shape is rainbow like. The bottom of the eye shape is almost flat, and slightly curves up at each end. Notice that the top of the pupil and iris is hidden behind the upper lid. Unlike human proportions, oranges eyes are closer to the top of his head....I mean whatever. Step 3: Add the mouth. This is the toughest step but it will be easier if you put it in as a big half circle, then break it up in to six smaller shapes. Here are the smaller shapes from top to bottom- the upper lip, the upper teeth, the mouth, the tongue, the lower teeth and the bottom lip. Pause the video at the end of this step and observe before you go on to the coloring part.


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