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Draw Bruno Mars Step by Step    (Released in 2011, July)
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How to Draw Bruno Mars: Step by Step

Today, if you feel like doing something, I am going to teach you how to draw Bruno Mars. Don't just lay in your bed, kick up your feet and stare at a fan. Thats just silly talk. Artists have to remain occupied or else we wind up moving to the South of France to chop off our ears. So I recommend that you get out of your snuggie and grab a pencil and some paper.

draw bruno mars 1

Step 1: Draw the two shapes that you see. I recommend that you start out in the lower right corner.

draw bruno mars 2

Step 2: Draw in the neck shape. Try to match the width and the height of this shape as closely as you can.

Bruno Mars 3

Step 3: Draw in the other shoulder.

Draw Bruno Mars 4

Step 4: Draw in a bowl shape for the bottom of his head.

draw bruno mars step by step 5

Step 5: Add the top of the head. Notice that it is significantly larger than the bowl shape at the bottom of the head. Do your best to observe and draw the contour line as accurately as possible.


 Draw Bruno Mars Step by Step 6

Step 6: Add the triangular shape to the side of the head.

Draw Bruno Mars Step by Stpe 7

Step 7: Add the ear shape. Notice that its origin is at the line which runs accross the bowl shape.

Draw Bruno Mars Step by Step 8

Step 8: This is the trickiest step. Draw the shapes that I just added. This tip will help. It is a similar distance from the eyebrow to the bottom of the nose, as it is from the eyebrow to the hairline.  

Step 9 Draw Bruno Mars

Step 9: Draw in the shape for Bruno's left eye socket.

Draw Bruno Mars Step by Step 10

Step 10 Draw in the shape for Bruno's left eye and eyebrow. Notice the placement of both of these shapes within the eye socket shape.

Draw Bruno Mars Step by Step 11

Step 11: Complete the nose shape

Draw Bruno Mars Step by Step 12

Step 12: Add Bruno's hat. Look closely and see that his hat is basically a banana shape and a trapezoid.

Draw Bruno Mars Step by Step 13

Step 13: Add Bruno Mars upper lip.

Draw Bruno Mars Step by Step 14

Step 14: Add Bruno Mars bottom lip.


Supplies I Used to Draw Bruno Mars


">15-Piece Drawing Set

15-Piece Drawing Set

Merrill's Opinion: Faber-Castell makes the best drawing pencils. These pencils are mixed with graphite and clay and enhance an artists ability to create and layer dark tones. You will see me use this set in almost all of my videos. 

Lyra Graphite Crayons

Lyra Graphite Crayons

Merrill's Opinion: Do you ever get TIRED of shading with a fine "tip" pencil? Get my "point"? This tool will save you time and money.

Click "MORE" to see me use this product in a video-

Robert Simmons White Sable Brushes

Robert Simmons White Sable Brushes

Merrill's Opinion: Robert Simmons brushes get better with age. These synthetic brushes collect particles of graphite as they are rubbed on a piece of paper. This enables me to softly move and blend tones. Most often I use the "Flat Size 10" brush but it helps to have a variety of sizes and shapes. 


Loew-Cornell Blending Stumps

Loew-Cornell Blending Stumps

Merrill's Opinion- INVALUBLE tools for blending! These will cost you LESS than a trip on the subway (Less than 2 dollars) and enhance your shading capacity substantially! I like Leow-Cornell because the stump is more compact and the tips do not wear as easily as other brands. I use these tools in almost every one of my videos.

Blick White Sulphite Drawing Paper

Blick White Sulphite Drawing Paper

Merrill's Opinion: Really, I DARE YOU, try to find a better value than this one! 500 sheets of 80LB (thick) drawing paper for $11.50. AMAZING DEAL!......If you use computer paper to create your drawings, you are ROBBING yourself from seeing what you can really do! This paper has more "tooth" (texture on the surface) than computer paper and your ability to shade will be enhanced.

Extended Shading Tutorial
0:27- Notice that I am using a mechanical pencil. It has thinner graphite and it helps me create subtle tones for the features of the face.

0:27 Bruno Mars has dark brown eyes. BUT, do not be tempted to go too dark right away, try to build slowly.

0:30 The pupil of the eye is darker in tone than the iris. Notice that I left a small white space for a reflection in each eye. this is key to creating a realistic looking eye

0:35 If you havent done so already, erase the line from the top of the bowl shape that goes across the bottom of the nose.

1:00- Notice that the C shaped shadow going from the eyebrow to the bottom of the nose has a WIDE VARIETY in tones. Press harder and use high number B pencils (4B, 6B, 8B) to create darker tones.

1:18 Watch how I use the paper stump to start the shadow to your left. I "cross hatch" some lines, and then I spread the lines (graphite) with the stump. If you do not have a paper stump, use a Q-Tip.

1:44- A singnificant marker on Bruno's face is the deep fold between the mouth and nose. To truly get his likeness, you will need to get that.

2:03 - "Float like a butterfly and shade like a bee"....In other words, move around. Do not get stuck in one place. Develop your drawing evenly.

2:24 The background on the right side of his face (your left) will eventually be as dark as the shirt tone that I just added.

2:55- The paper below my hand is called a slip sheet. It allows me to rest my hand on the drawing without smudging it.

3:18- Do NOT make the same MISTAKE I made. I RUSHED the background instead of hatching it in SLOWLY.

3:50- At this point of the drawing and shading process, your goal should be to eliminate "lines" and notice the nuances of "edges". In other words, some shapes have solid edges, while others have softer edges. There is often a tonal difference as well.

3:50- Watch how I use the blending (paper) stump to soften an edge......Suggestion: Look in the mirror (right now) and notice the tonal and physical (hardness softness) differences of your face.

4:27- The highlights and shadows on the right side of his face (your left) are very complex but important. Notice the darkness that goes down his cheek and the four highlights.

5:09 Watch me shade the left side of his face (your right side). It is very tricky. the dark values are very hidden.....but they are still there.

5:48- The nose is tricky. The darkest part is the nostril. The entire shape of the bottom of the nose stays pretty light because the light source seems to be shining up from his left.

6:28- The darkest part of the mouth is the two corners.

6:52- My biggest mistake was going TOO FAST with shading the backgound. When you press hard it causes a crease/indentation in the page. When the paper gets damaged, your shading will be uneven. Youll see what I mean.

7:29- Rewind to 7:24 to see how I use the pencil and brush to blend two DIFFERENT TONED shadows together.

8:14- At this point of the drawing, I am going to use the high number B pencils to get the dark values in. I am also going to use the kneaded eraser to create highlights.

9:18- If you have any lines left (such as the one on the hat) get them out of your drawing. Look around at the world. It is expressed in shapes or masses, not lines. The most difficult part of pencil drawing ls realizing that you are working with a fine tip, capable of making only lines.

Pencil Drawing Bruno Mars
shading blending stump tortillion
bruno mars 15
almost finished bruno mars portrait
finished bruno mars portrait

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