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How to Paint A Puppy Dog (Part 2 of 2) Glazing    (Released in 2010, January)
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Below is a resource that will help you with the painting strategy of glazing. Please note that this is Video 2 of 2. If you have not seen part one, I recommend that you start with that video. Good luck! Scroll down to see the video, the pictorial tutorial and the link to the PDF.



Glazing Before and After Puppy Dog

By the end of this demonstration (Both the PDF and the Video) you will fully understand glazing. When an artist glazes, he or she adds transparent color to a painting, to give the work a more realistic look.

HOW do you make your oil paint transparent?

There are two ways:

1.) Add painting medium- Any paint will become more transparent if it is mixed with painting medium (I mix in A LOT of painting medium to the paint when I glaze). I feel that the best painting medium is Liquin. (See Figure 1)

2.) Use paint that is transparent or translucent- Look at the label on the tube of paint to find out about the paints properties. Most paint companies, put a marker on the outside of their tubes to let a customer know about the properties of the paint. An empty box means that the color is transparent, a half filled box means that the paint is translucent. For any beginner who wishes to try glazing, use paints that are transparent to translucent. (See Figure 2)


Liquin (Figure 1)

Transparent or Translucent or Opaque

(Figure 2) The empty box means that the paint is transparent (AKA a good color for glazing)



Here is a list of transparent paints for each of the colors of the spectrum (plus black, white and brown). (Figure 3)

List of Transparent Oil Paint Colors

Now that you know how to make your paints transparent......How do you glaze?

Here are some things to keep in mind!

1.) Wait for the previous layer to completely dry.

2.) Use soft tipped brushes- Traditionally, Sable brushes are the softest. There are also synthetic brushes that are similar in softness to Sable. (Figure 4)

3.) Buy a Fan Brush- Fan brushes look gimmicky but they are SO HELPFUL! They do not hold much paint, and that is a good thing when you blend. A fan brush can help you "softly" manipulate paint. (Figure 5)

4.) Use multiple brushes- Apply with one brush- Move the paint around with another unused or thoroughly cleaned brush. (The video will do a good job of demonstrating this)

5.) Wipe your brush to clean it rather than dip it in mineral spirits. The mineral spirits can ruin glaze layers! Keep it AWAY in this step!

6.) Keep a paper towel close- Since you are working atop a dry layer; if you make a mistake, just wipe it off with a paper towel!

Soft tipped paint brushes

(Figure 4)

fan brushes sable(figure 5)



The colors that I used to glaze (the dog) were, Ultramarine Blue, Ultramatine Purple, Italian Brown Pink Lake and Davy's Grey from Old Holland Classic Oil Colors, Asphaltum Black from Mussini Oil Colors Chromatic Black from Gamblin Oil Colors and Zinc White from Vasari Oil Colors.

Download the PDF version of this Lesson: CLICK HERE

Buy the Products that I use:

Liquin Original

Liquin Original

This reliable favorite (formerly known simply as "Liquin") is a general-purpose low gloss medium that improves flow and transparency. It mixes easily with the brush or knife, smoothes brushwork, and is also suitable for textured oil techniques. Liquin Original approximately halves the drying time of oil colors, resulting in a drying time of anywhere from one to five days, depending on climate, colors used, and film weight. It is not recommended as a varnish or final coat.

Princeton Synthetic Sable Fan

Princeton Synthetic Sable Fan

These top quality synthetic sable brushes are ideal for amateurs and professionals alike. They can be used with oil and acrylic. They feature excellent color holding capacity, durability, point and spring — you'll get the performance of sable without the high cost. Distinctive gold ferrules are fitted into marbelized red hardwood handles.

Da Vinci Pure Badger Fan Blender

Da Vinci Pure Badger Fan Blender

Da Vinci Pure Badger brushes contain the highest-quality silver-tipped pure badger hair, perfect for blending and softening oil paint on the canvas. Unlike other hair, pure badger hair is thickest at the tips, giving these brushes a bushy appearance. They're excellent for glazing techniques, and popular with decorative and faux finish painters because of their blending ability.

Old Holland Classic Oil Colors

Old Holland Classic Oil Colors

Old Holland has been making artist colors since 1664, making it one of the oldest continuously operating companies in the art supplies industry. The company is known for uncompromising adherance to traditional techniques and standards. All color making is done by hand, and all processes are controlled by artists. Pigments are ground in stone rather than metal rollers, and colors are packaged in lead tubes rather than the more modern aluminum alloy tubes, which eventually oxidize and decay. Old Holland Oils are produced according to traditional recipes, those used for paintings made in the 17th century. These paintings retain the clarity of their colors to this day. That's durability. Like hundreds of years ago, only the best pigments and binders are used to produce very concentrated and light-fast paint, resulting in higher color strength, hiding power, and intensity. That goes for all 168 colors listed here. Only cold-pressed linseed oil from the first pressing is used for the binder. This optimizes oxidation (drying) of the paint and also promotes permanence. The brush strokes flow out better too.

Schmincke Mussini Oil Colors

Schmincke Mussini Oil Colors

Schmincke has been producing artists' colors since 1881. Mussini resin-oil colors are truly the pinnacle of their paint making experience. Mussini offers brilliance and purity with the highest lightfastness. Schmincke oils are stored for three months before the tubes are filled. This allows each pigment's oil absorption rate (the amount of oil needed to bind the pigment) to be optimized. Varying amounts of damar resin are then added to ensure that all colors dry at the same time. This guarantees tension-free and durable color layers. Mussini offers an Old Masters palette that dates back over 100 years: an extensive range of transparent and semi-transparent glaze pigments. Schmincke Mussini Oil Colors are available in 1.2 oz (35 ml) tubes.

Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors

Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors

Gamblin Artists Oils are based on alkali refined linseed oil as a binder. It yellows significantly less than cold pressed linseed oil, the traditional binder in oil paints, and makes a strong, flexible paint film. Robert Gamblin has sought out the finest grades of pigment available (yes, there are differences). He has constructed a paint of exceptional durability in a color palette that is proof of his devotion to painter's real concerns. All colors are mixed and packed by a dedicated crew of 20 employees in their sun-drenched (at least when we visited) factory in Southeast Portland. Robert's concern with the longevity of oil paint has led him to national recognition and extensive collaboration with groups such as the National Gallery in Washington, DC. Recently, Gamblin was commissioned to formulate a custom gold finish that was applied to the entire ceiling of the newly rehabilitated Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Robert Gamblin is evangelistic about creating safe environments and work habits for oil painters. We carry all of Gamblin's safe solvent related mediums. We encourage you to check out the extensive information on personally and environmentally responsible studio practices available from Gamblin. This is a paint you can trust from a company we believe in. Made with the finest refined linseed oils, each color retains the unique characteristics of the pigments, including tinting strength, undertone, and texture.

6-Piece Mini Brush Set

6-Piece Mini Brush Set

This set includes a 20/0 round, 20/0 fan, 12/0 angular shader, 20/0 spotter, 10/0 flat shader, and a 20/0 monogram brush.

Starter Set

Starter Set

This set features an assortment of Pure Red Sable brushes. There is one size 6 round brush. There are four Bright brushes in sizes 2, 6, 10, and 20. Additionally, there are three Cat's Tongue brushes in sizes 2, 6, and 10.

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