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Step by Step Drawing and Other Art Related Tutorials
Drawing Tutorials: Athletes, Actors, Cartoon Characters, Entertainers, Musicians, Rappers, Politicians
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Merrill Kazanjian
Art Contest Jan 2011

Art Contest Jan 2011 by Merrill Kazanjian

About the Contest: (Narration from Video) "You've asked for it, so lets start the new year in a fun way by having an Art Contest! Here is your challenge question: "What did my channel mascot, Little Old Man look like when he was a young man?" To answer this challenge, you can use any media that you want - be creative and have some fun.....etc..... Remember you have over 140 videos to help you with this task on my channel. When I judge the artwork, I will be looking for humor and creativity but your artwork will have to resemble a younger version of Little Old Man. But Merrill, whats the prize? I will make a pencil portrait and a step by step video of the winner so that the world can draw YOU! I will also feature the winning artwork and the winners youtube channel in an upcoming video. Now for the rules so listen carefully. You will need to follow all three of these rules to win. 1.) Post the words "Im in" in the comments section of this video. 2.) You have to be a subscriber to kazanjianm to be entered, so hit the subscribe button in the video if you haven't subscribed yet. 3.) You can post your entries in one of two places. Your first option is to take a video of your entry and post it as a video response to this video. Your second option is to post your entry to my facebook like page- If you do that, make sure to submit your entry with your channel name. Just hit the link in the video description or visit my channel page to get to my facebook like page. The deadline for entries is January 15, 2011! I cant wait to see the artwork and I will respond to every single entry. Happy new year everybody!"


Sahar Ashiq

by Sahar Ashiq

Derek Rickard

by Derek Rickard


Megan Hood

by Megan Hood


by Kwinkbeatz


Chloë Stoddard

by Chloe Stoddard

 Brittany Nicole DeJesus

by Brittany Nicole DeJesus


by OrangeMonkey92 AKA- Serafin Ureno

 Serafin Ureno

by Serafin Ureno

 Rosemarie Hathaway

by Rosemarie Hathaway

 Ashan Naeem

by Ashan Naeem



by Joaquin Alfonso N. Guiang

 by Flav Allen

by Flav Allen


Megan Hood

by Megan Hood

 Bassam Yassin

by Bassam Yassin


by dime71bag

 Christian Valenzuela

by Cristian Valenzuela

 Joaquin Alfonso N. Guiang

by Joaquin Alfonso N. Guiang

 Paprika Kofoed Christiansen

by Paprika Kofoed Christiansen


Felix Martinez

by Felix Martinez

 Abigail Kay

by Abigail Kay

 Mitchell Jurich

by Mitchell Jurich

 Savvas Papadopoulos

by Savvas Papadopoulos


Zyad Elmaghraby

by Zyad Elmaghraby

 Viktor Lunde

by Viktor Lunde




Joey Ingland

by Joey Ingland 

Joe Geran

by Joe Geran 

Gianni Wackenier

by Gianni Wackenier

 Elis Diaz

by Elis Diaz

 Daniel Galindo

by Daniel Galindo

 Anthony Pavlovsky

by Anthony Pavlovsky

 Tyler Lucas


by Tyler Lucas

 Luboslav Bachev

by Luboslav Bachev AKA PROMISTOR



by Brittany Nicole DeJesus


by abc97able




by Mscrazyredhead


by littleguymagic


Joe Geran 2

by Joe Geran


Marte Noface Formo      Mike Perino

by Marte Noface Formo                         by Mike Perino

by Jordan French AKA stonecoldjordan



by SuperNikolai1996


by by Anthony Pavlovsky


by Tyler Lucas



Sherif Diro

by Sherif Diro

Ahsan Naeem

by Ashan Naeem

Dwayne Smith

by Dwayne Smith



THE WINNING ENTRY WAS SUBMITTED BY MR. SERAFIN URENO (orangemonkey92)! Congratulations!!!!! 


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