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Merrill Kazanjian
How to Draw Amare Stoudemire Step by Step

How to Draw Amare Stoudemire Step by Step by Merrill Kazanjian


Amare Drawing 1

Step 1: Draw the shape for the jersey. It is about three times as tall as it is wide. Leave enough room on the top for the head and the bottom for the legs.

Amare Drawing 2

Step 2: Draw in the three shapes that you see. The first is similar to a banana and the second and third are circular. Notice their placement compared to the jersey shape.

Amare Knicks Drawing 3

Step 3: Add in the arms.....Wait! Dont freak out! This step is easy if you see the 2 trapezoid shapes in between the arms and torso.

Amare Knicks Drawing Pants 5

Step 4: Add Amar'e's basketball shorts and his legs. Together they are similar in height to his basketball jersey.

Amare Knicks Drawing Neck

Step 5: Add the shape for the neck.

Amare Hands Knicks Drawing

Step 6: Sculpt the hands out of the shapes from step 2. Use the original shape as your guide.

Amare Shorts Drawing All Star

Step 7: Add the folds and the star to his shorts. These do not have to be perfect.

Amare All Star Jersey

Step 8: Add the star and the upside down house shape to his jersey. Ignore the head for now. I will give you a close up and detailed instructions on that in a minute.

Amare All Star Starter Knicks

Step 9: Use the nagative space to sculpt out the letters E.A.S.T. in the upside down house shape.

Amare number 1 eastern conference all star game

Step 10: Add the number one below the star and the word "the" above the word East. Also darken the collar and add the shapes for the folds on the shoulders of the jersey,

Amare Stoudemire Face mouth moustache smile

Step 11: Add the four shapes for Amare's mouth and facial hair. We will add more shapes to this in the next step. For this step, it is helpful to notice the diamond shape around the mouth.

 Amare Stoudemire Knicks smile

Step 12: Add the line that I just added to form the top lip, below the moustache.

Amare teeth

Step 13 is the trickiest step. There are 7 teeth visable. The two front teeth in the center. Three to your left and two to your right. One is blocked in shadow. Notice that there is more space below the teeth than above the teeth. Draw what you see.

Amare Stoudemire Nose

Step 14: Add the nose shape. Notice where it lines up to the smile lines from the previous step. It is ok to shade the nostrils very dark because they will be in shadow.

Amare Stoudemire Eye Eyes

Step 16: Extend the head and draw in the shape for the eyes.

Amare Stoudemire ears

Step 17: Add the ears. Notice that the bottom of the ear shapes line up with the bottom of the nose.

Amare Stoudemire Hair

Step 18: Add the hair.

Amare Stoudemire Eyebrows

Step 19: Add the eyebrows.

Amare Stoudemire eye sockets

Step 20: Add the shape for the eyes.

Amare Step by Step Drawing Face Finished

Step 21: Shade the eyes. Notice that the lines get thicker as they move towards the ears. Leave a small space in each eye for a highlight.




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Pants and Legs

amare shading pants 1

amare stoudemire knicks all star basketball shorts drawing

pencil drawing basketball shorts

cross hatching clothing

using a paintbrush to blend drawing

6B Pencil draw basketball shorts

drawing fabric clothing pencil

Hands and Basketball

Basketball Hands

shading hands drawing

slip sheet

hand shading smudging cross hatching

Basketball Jersey and Arms

jersey and arms

shading arms

cross hatching clothing basketball jersey

shading blening how to draw basketball player

blending graphite with paint brush

shading basketball player with pencil


Amar'e Head

amare drawing head 1

shading or hair and eyes

shading of upper face pencil

shading facial hair

shading amare stoudemire drawing pencil

drawing amare stoudemire face

amare stoudemire portrait


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