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How to Draw Rapper Lil Wayne Step by Step    (Released in 2011, July)
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Draw Lil Wayne 1

Step 1: Draw the three shapes that you see. Notice their size and placement in relation to the edges of this piece of paper.

draw lil wayne 2

Step 2: Add in the hair shape. Hair moves constantly so the placement of these shapes do not have to be perfect. Try to focus more on the trapezoidal shape in between the two hair shapes.

draw lil wayne 3

Step 3: Is one of the more difficult steos. Try to take your time and observe its placement and its subtleties. Notice that the fist is like a square shape tilted to the side on top of a triangle shape.

draw lil wayne 4

Step 4: Add the two shapes for the shoulders.

draw lil wayne 5

Step 5: Add the shapes for the eyes and the tear drops.

draw lil wayne 6

Step 6: Add the two shapes for the nose and the shadow below the nose.

draw lil wayne 7

Step 7: Add the three shapes for the mouth. The third shape on the top is a highlight above the lip.

draw lil wayne 8

Step 8: Add the shapes to the hair. The most important of these shapes is the ear and earring on your right side. Also, be sure to add the double line for his chain.

draw lil wayne 9

Step 9: Take extra time on this step. It is very important for the likeness. Lil Wayne has very complex eyes. Try to see each shape and where it fits in to the bigger shape.

draw lil wayne 10

Step 10: Now its time to make his 4,335 tattoos. Lil Wayne has more ink than a pen factory. Dont stress out while doing these. Not even I drew each one correctly.

draw lil wayne 11

Step 11: More tattoos coming your way. Draw in the letters B and Y and improvise around the armpit.

draw lil wayne 12

Step 12:Thats a glowing bird to the left. If you dont like glowing birds, improvise.

draw lil wayne 13

Step 13: I think thats the word concrete written across his hand. If its not, I apologize Lil Wayne.

draw lil wayne 14

Step 14: Make some squiggley thingeys on his neck. Every rapper needs at least one squiggley thingey tattoo.

draw lil wayne 15

Step 15: I think those are dominoes on his left arm. His bodyguards would not let me shoot him with a tranquilizer dart, so I am not sure. Unless if you are a Lil Wayne historian, draw what you see or write your own subliminal message.




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General's White Charcoal

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0:39 It is vine medium charcoal. I broke a stick and used the side to block in the masses for the hair. 0:55 There is a shadow that stretches across his neck. You can slightly see both sides of the neck. Under the lips is very dark. 1:24 Notice that I used a dry paper towel to blend the background (as well as the brush). 1:40- I am now adding pencil hatching directly above the charcoal. 2:01 To me, it is important to hatch over the charcoal, to UNIFY the surface of the drawing..... HUH? What do you mean?- Charcoal is MATTE (Not shiny) and pencil is SHINY. -Charcoal MOVES and pencil is STABLE (doesn't move) 2:26 I am now using a graphite stick. Graphite sticks are really just BIG PENCILS!!!!! They come in different tones like drawing pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, 8B, etc.) 2:51- Notice that I am holding my drawing in place with a paper towel in my hand. Try not to let your hands touch the surface of the paper (I always struggle with that. 2:51 I don't like to fasten my drawing with tape because I usually shade my background and the tape leaves white triangles in the corners where the tape was.....Maybe someone could give ME a tip on that!!!! 3:38 Eventually, the hair, the eyes, the area under the mouth and the area under the hands will be the darkest in tone. 4:03 The paper under my hand prevents my hand from touching the paper surface of the drawing. 3:52 Look at the C shape around the eye. 4:03 Also, notice once again, I laid the initial tones down in charcoal, and followed it with pencil hatching. I am using a CHEAP mechanical pencil now because it has thinner graphite, which helps me do detail work. 4:23 I am using the blending stump now.......and getting PISSED OFF!!!!!! The reason I am mad is because I made the mistake to put a piece of cardboard under the surface of my drawing (look at the dots in the background and on his face).....I gave Weezy Chicken Pocks!!!!! Argh! You'll see me remove the cardboard soon. 5:00 The top lip will be darker than the bottom one. Don't forget to leave the highlight over the top lip. 5:13 The shape under the nose (the nostrils) is not one tone. It is a complex shadow. The shadow under the neck is even more complex! 5:58 Our ultimate goal when we shade a drawing is to eliminate lines and maintain the likeness. 6:28- Eyebrows are never one solid tone, they are always darker towards the center of the face. The one exception is when a girl wears make up and darkens her eyebrows in to one tone. 7:00 Notice that I erased most of the original lines from the step by step. 7:50 I am breaking the rules a bit and using a prismacolor black colored pencil for super dark tones. 8:11 At this point, I only used the Prisma Black on one eye. Look at the difference. 8:33 The hat will be lighter than the background and darker than the highlights on the face 9:53 Have some fun with the tattoos! Know that I did not get them perfectly. Just mess around and practice your tones. 11:13 Don't get too complex with the shading of the hand. Focus on rounding the edges ar first. The spaces between the fingers are going to be dark. 11:32 The edges of the arm are going to be dark. DO NOT outline though!!!! Hatch (Cross hatching is adding line next to line next to line) and blend. 12:02 Highlight at the top of each shoulder. Use your kneaded eraser. 12:25 His chain can be carved out with an eraser. 13:09- Create a highlight on the upper tip of the hand. 14:01 To finish, I enhanced a few of the highlights with a white Conti Crayon.




draw rapper lil wayne step by step

draw rapper lil wayne step by step

draw rapper lil wayne step by step
draw rapper lil wayne step by step
draw rapper lil wayne step by step
draw rapper weezy step by step
draw hip hop star lil wayne step by step pencil drawing
draw lil wayne in pencil step by step
draw lil wayne step by step merrill kazanjian kazanjianm
draw weezy
lil wayne rapper

pencil drawing of lil wayne

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