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Merrill Kazanjian
How to Draw the Female Nose Step by Step

How to Draw the Female Nose Step by Step by Merrill Kazanjian

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Today YOU are going to draw the female nose. In comparison to the Male nose (left) the female nose is: 1.) less pronounced or smaller than the male nose 2.) has a more narrow bridge 3.) has smaller nostrils 4.) slightly rounder at the bottom (this is not the case for EVERY person though) 5.) had less shadow area around the `eye socket` or orbit, on both sides of the bridge at the top of the nose.

draw female nose 1 step by step

STEP 1- In step one of drawing the female nose, focus your attention on the shapes. There are three main shapes. 1.) An oval at the bottom, 2.) A tall trapezoid for the bridge of the nose. 3.) An upside down trapezoid at the top of the nose. 4.) In addition to the major shapes, don`t forget to add the shapes for the nostrils.

draw female nose step by step 2

STEP 2- For step two, simply darken the nostrils. The nostrils will be the darkest tone on any persons nose.

draw female nose step by step 3

STEP 3- For this step, create a shadow at the bottom of the nose.

draw female nose step by step 4

STEP 4- Erase the lines on the sides of the bridge of the nose. (This is where most people go wrong in drawing the nose!) The only part of the nose that can be expressed in linear form is the bottom of the nose (Below and to the sides of the nostrils...especially the sides).

draw female nose step by step 5

STEP 5- Replace the solid lines with soft `cross hatching` (a fancy term for shading- `hatches` are multiple lines, created by the tip of the pencil used to create darker the video at the top if you do not understand).

draw female nose step by step 6

STEP 6- Smudge the cross hatching with a tortillion (blending stump or stub).....Not only on the bridge of the nose, but also where you feel in necessary. I usually do a few layers of hatching, followed by smudging.

draw female nose 7 step by step

STEP 7- I am putting on the finishing touches. I used my eraser to make highlights on the nose. IMPORTANT: The female nose (right) is smoothed out/ polished / finished, more than the male nose........ How does an artist smooth out/polish/finish the nose?....By 1.) hatching with the pencil 2.) smudging the hatches with the tortillion and 3.) using the eraser to create highlights.



draw female nose step by step 8

STEP 8- In the final step I darkened the nostrils (For the second time).


(This lesson is demonstrated in the video above).



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PDF of How to Draw the Female Nose (STEP by STEP)- CLICK HERE


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