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Merrill Kazanjian
How to Draw Kobe Bryant Step by Step (Video and Print Resource Page)

How to Draw Kobe Bryant Step by Step (Video and Print Resource Page) by Merrill Kazanjian

You have three resources to work from. 1.) the video 2.) The step by step directions on this page 3.) A printable PDF (Link at bottom) with step by step directions. Take your time! I have noticed that the most successful students look at their reference image more often. Remind yourself to look at the reference image at least once for every five seconds (This is especially important during the shading). If you get stuck, refer to the video. Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know how you did! If you want to E-Mail me a picture of your work. I will post it on this page! Good Luck!


How to Draw Kobe Bryant Step By Step: Video

How to Draw Kobe: Extended Tutorial

BELOW: How to draw Kobe Bryant Print Resource and PDF

Draw Kobe Step By Step 1

Step 1: Draw an oval shape for Kobe's head. Notice that the bottom of the oval looks like an upside down trapezoid while the top is rounded.

how to draw kobe bryant

Step 2: I made four horizontal lines. The top line starts at the midway point of the oval shape. The lowest line is at the bottom of the chin. There are two lines in between the top and bottom lines. Notice that they are EVENLY SPACED, creating THREE segments in between the top and bottom lines (refer to the picture).

Kobe Bryant Step by Step 2

Step 2a: I placed four dots on the top line. These dots will be used to help you place the eyes. Notice that they are situated towards the left side of Kobe's face (rather than in the middle). Also, notice that the three spaces in between these dots are EQUAL distances. This is due to one of the oldest rules of facial proportion. It is exactly one eye distance in between our two eyes.

Step 2b: Place two more dots, just below the second line from the top (follow the picture for placement)

Draw Kobe Bryant Step by Step 3

Step 3: Follow the photo reference and put in the shapes for the eyes. Kobe is smiling in the picture, so, the top of the eye is like a rainbow shape and the bottom is like a straight line. The top of the iris (colored part of the eye) is blocked by the upper eyelid.

Draw Kobe Bryant Step bt Step 5

Step 4: In this step, add the bottom of the nose (to draw this make three connected, upside down arches....refer to the picture) and the upper lip. The upper lip looks like a squished McDonalds logo (picture the golden arches squished). Also, encapsulate the eye with two lines.

Draw Kobe Step by Step 5

Step 5: Draw in the two banana shapes around the nose (they will be shaded later) and the bottom lip (another banana shape).

Draw Kobe Bryant Step by Step 6

Step 6: Draw in the lines, stemming from the chin, as well as Kobe's dimple lines.

Draw Kobe Bryant Step by Step 7

Step 7: Draw in Kobe's hairline.

Draw Kobe Bryant Step by step 8

Step 8: Erase the four construction lines.


Step 10: Start to shade using cross hatching (watch the video for a demo (especially the extended tutorial). Do the the darkest areas first: The eyes and eyebrows, the hair.

Kobe drawing shading

Step 10: Shade Kobe's chin and facial hair (almost as dark as you shaded the eyes). Shade the bridge of his nose (a tortillion/blending stump is especially helpful for the nose area) Make sure that the shaded tones on the nose are not as dark as the eyes, the the eyebrows (eventually the hair- but I did not finish shading the hair in the picture for step 10). Shade in his dimples.

kobe shading

Step 11: Begin to shade the forehead. Add a second layer of pencil on the hair (use a dark pencil such as a 4B) Make sure that the forehead is lighter in tone than the hair (remember that when this picture is finished, the eyes, eyebrows and hair will be the darkest parts). Notice the shadow under Kobe's nose and shade it in fairly dark. (DO NOT PUT IN NOSTRILS....Kobe's nose slopes downwards...If you don't believe me, look at his puppet on the MVP's)

kobe drawing tutorial step by step

Step 12: Darken Kobe's moustache and shade his upper lip. Notice that the moustache is darker than the upper lip. Add another layer of tone to Kobe's eyes and eyebrows with a darker pencil (4B...even 6B if you have one)

kobe tones

Step 13: Start working the tones of the Bottom half of Kobe's face. Remember that light sources USUALLY come from above, meaning that the bottom half of a persons face is slightly more in shadow.

Kobe 14

Step 14: It LOOKS like I just jumped ahead a lot.....but I really didnt. I used the tortillion to smudge the rest of the bottom half of Kobes face....I also shaded Kobe's bottom lip and his teeth. Kobe's bottom lip is slightly lighter in tone than his top lip. For teeth, do not make solid, dark lines between the teeth. Use the reference image as a guide.

kobe shading tutorial

Step 15: Now it is time for the finishing touches. Use both the eraser and the pencil. Smooth out anything that looks rough.

kobe finished pencil drawing


- DOWNLOAD A PDF version of this lesson at the BOTTOM of THIS page.

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