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Merrill Kazanjian
How to Draw an Angry Mouth
How to Draw an Angry Mouth

 Today, I am going to show you, step by step, how to draw an angry mouth. Pause the video at the end of each step and be sure to look at the screen every few seconds while you draw. I am confident that you will surprise yourself if you take your time and listen carefully. Here we go. Step 1- Draw a big U shape but make the two lines at the top of the U point slightly outwards and away from each other. Pause the video now and remember to look at the reference picture on your computer screen. Step 2- Draw a second U shape above the first and close the lines to form a crescent moon shape. Notice that the widest point of this shape is the middle and that the shape gets narrow and pointy at the top where the edges of both lines meet. Step 3- When a person screams, the bottom lip presses firmly against the bottom set of teeth. Only the tooth tops are visible. The shape of these tooth tops is somewhere between a square and circle. Make 8 to 10 and stay light with the lines in between the teeth. Pause the video now and don`t forget to look every few seconds. Step 4- Now we draw the tongue. It is a rounded shape that is wider at the top than the bottom. It is kind of like drawing a heart shape without a pointed bottom or an indentation at the top. Pause the video now and be sure to look every few seconds while you draw. Step 5- Add a rainbow shape at the top. Be sure to notice the amount of space between the top of the tongue and the rainbow shape. Pause the video now. Step 6- Add a second rainbow shape above the first. Like the bottom lip, the top lip gets more narrow at the edges and wider in the middle. Be sure to notice that the bottom lip is thicker than the top lip. This is true for every person. Pause the video now and be sure to look at the screen every few seconds. Step 7- Now make a half circle shape beneath the top lip. Notice that the edges at the bottom protrude slightly. Pause the video now and remember to look. Step 8- When a person screams, the top teeth are exposed because the top lip goes upwards. Your task is to draw 12 teeth. Notice that the front four face the viewer but the others start to turn away. Notice that as the teeth go further back in to the mouth, they get smaller. I know that molars and wisdom teeth are much larger in real life than a front teeth, but please trust me and pause the video and draw what you see. I will explain why this happens in the next part. Ideally, you should have three things to do the shading. At the top is a blending stub. In the middle is a 2B pencil and at the bottom is a HB pencil. When I shade, I: - Use a method called cross hatcing - Develop the shading evenly (I move the pencil around to the different parts of the drawing.


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