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Merrill Kazanjian
How to Draw Michael Jackson Step by Step
How to Draw Michael Jackson Step by Step

How to Draw Michael Jackson Step by Step

Hey, I got a question. Do you Remember the Time that you asked me to do a tutorial on how to draw Michael Jackson? Well, this Smooth Criminal listened to your requests because i'm not one of those youtubers who says Leave Me Alone. I like The Way You Make Me Feel when you leave comments and give me thank you!


This video is going to break the process of drawing Michael Jackson down in to simple steps.... just like ABC.... which is as easy as 1,2,3.  After the easy steps, you are going to learn how to build tones so that you can shade your drawing. But dont stress,  because it don't matter to me if your drawing is too black or white. If you mess up, just keep it "In the Closet" and hit the link in the video description so that I can really help you. The link will take you to a Michael Jackson drawing cheat sheet with step by step pictures. Its my way of saying "Ill be There, because I dont want your drawing to be Bad.


Art Heals the World.... and I Wanna be Starting Somethin on my youtube channel. So please click on the little old man in the mirror to subscribe! I Want You Back, and not too many people can spell kazanjianm. So Come on.... youll get a free art education, and I wont stop til you get enough. You cant beat it.


Note: This drawing is of Michael from early to mid career when he was in his mid to late twenties. I used several reference images from the Thriller Era to make this drawing (although none are shown in this video).


How to Draw Michael Jackson 1,2

Step 1: Draw the two oval shapes for the area around the eye. Notice that the shape on the right

is slightly smaller than the one on the left.

Step 2: Make the shapes for the bottom of the nose and the top lip. Take some extra time to

observe and perfect the spacing.


How to Draw Michael Jackson Step by Step 3,4

Step 3: Add the contour line to create the shape around Michael's face. Be sure to notice that

Michael's head is turned towards his left. Also be sure to notice that the orbit shape on the left

side of his face, added in step 1, is touching the contour line. Also add the bottom lip.

Step 4: Add the shape for Michaels ear and hair. His ear is partially blocked by his hair, but

notice that his ear goes from where his eyebrows to be, to almost the bottom of his nose.

Draw Michael Jackson Step by Step 5-6

Step 5: Add the four shapes that make up the neck and the shirt.

Step 6: Observe the eye region and add the eyes and eyebrows. Notice that the eyebrows are

connected to the top of the eye orbit shape and the almond shaped eyes are towards the bottom.

Be sure to notice the spacing in between. 

Draw Michael Jackson 7

Step 7: Add more curls to Michaels hair and details to his ear. Dont waste your time copying

from the reference image for this step. Make your own or else you will drive yourself crazy!

Draw Michael Jackson Steps 8-9
Steps 10-11
Draw Michael Jackson Step 12-13
14-15 Michael Jackson drawing
michael jackson 16-17 step by step drawing


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Michael Jackson Drawing Finished by Merrill Kazanjian

DOWNLOAD PDF- How to Draw Michael Jackson Step by Step-



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