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Merrill Kazanjian
Shading Resource

Shading Resource by Merrill Kazanjian

 In this video, I will demonstrate how to build tones while drawing. I will teach you about drawing pencils and when and how to use them. And I will demonstrate the drawing technique of cross hatching. But, this time I am going to do something different....You have the option to follow along! I decided to go the extra mile and provide you with a worksheet for the final segment of this video. Take a second to go to and type in `shading resource`...print it out and do your best. We have a lot to cover, so lets start off with learning about pencils. Recap - Start out with a light to neutral pencil and go darker as you go on. - Each row of hatches should be done at a slightly different angle to the previous row. -When you cross hatch you should build your tones up slowly - You can differentiate your tones through adding pressure to the pencil but dont dent the paper or things will get more difficult. - To make neat hatches, use the tip that I gave you (put a piece of paper by the edge) -A slip sheet prevents smudges This piece took me two hours to make! Take your time

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General's Sketchmate Drawing Set

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15-Piece Drawing Set

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50-Sheet Pads

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Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper Pads

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Jul 26, 2011    Jim Partington
Just watched your video - the sound was great for the pencils, but it went very low after that when you started the shading. However, I am going to print out the picture and have a go. I think the bottom line is to build up your shading a little at a time. I hope that is right.

Thank you, again.

Oct 14, 2009    Cheryl Cousin
I am interested in the "Shading Resources" instructional video, is it for sale? Each time I tried to watch it on Utube, it kept skipping.


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