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Merrill Kazanjian
How to Draw the Hand Step by Step- (Peace Sign)

How to Draw the Hand Step by Step- (Peace Sign) by Merrill Kazanjian

You have three resources to work from. 1.) the video 2.) The step by step directions on this page 3.) A printable PDF (Link at bottom) with step by step directions. Take your time! I have noticed that the most successful students look at their reference image more often. Remind yourself to look at the reference image at least once for every five seconds (This is especially important during the shading).

If you get stuck, refer to the video. Leave a comment at the bottom and let me know how you did! If you want to E-Mail me a picture of your work ( ). I will post it on this page! Good Luck! Cool

                                                                               Step by Step


Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 1

Step 1: Draw the two fingertip shapes. Notice that the fingertip on the left is at a different angle than the fingertip at the right.

Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 2

Step 2: Add the next two shapes. Notice that they are slightly longer than the fingertip shapes.

Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 3

Step 3: Draw the trapezoid shape in addition to the two shapes that complete the fingers. Notice that the bottoms of the fingers are slightly longer than the mid sections of the fingers.

Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 4

Step 4: Step four is the trickiest step. Give it some extra observation time. Notice that the thumb overlaps the trapezoid shape. Also, notice that the thumb in this position, resembles a flying saucer tilting to the side.....TES....a flying saucer with a thumbnail in it.

 Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 5

Step 5: Draw the traingle shape. Notice that it is directly below the V shape from the two fingers. Also notice the tiny shape that I made tp the right side of the thumb.

 Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 6

Step 6: Draw the tilted U shape, to the left of the triangle. Also, draw in the fingernail.








































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Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 7

Step 7: Observe the picture to close the U shape from step 6.

Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 8

Step 8: Add in the shape that I just added. It will eventually be a part of the pinky finger. 

 Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 9

Step 9: Add in the fingertip and fingernail to complete the shape for the pinky finger.

 Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 10

Step 10: Add the triangle shape next to the pinky finger. This will eventually be part of the palm.

 Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 11

Step 11: Add in the shape for the lower palm.

 Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 12

Step 12: Observe the line that was just added. It is similar to the bottom of a cup. It starts at the middle of the ring finger and ends at the thumb shape from Step 4.

 Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 13

Step 13: Take some extra time to observe the line that I just added. Then, complete the shape for the bottom of the palm.





Creator 2010 -Download

Creator 2010 -Download

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Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 14

Step 14: Now, take a second to observe the lines that I ALMOST totally erased.

Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 15

Step 15: Build the tones up slowly. Start cross hatching with an HB (#2) pencil.

Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 16

Step 16: (NOT SHOWN) I use a blending stump to smudge my hatches. And then I do more hatching atop of the smudges.

Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 17

Step 17: The darkest parts will be the triangle in the center and the areas on the edges of the right side of the hand (and fingers....see this developed in the next few steps).

Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 18

Step 18: At this point I am using my darker (in tone) 2B, 3B, 4B and 5B pencils. I also use the eraser (A LOT) to create highlights.

Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 19

Step 19: I always try to finish a drawing by smoothing it out by using the pencil, the eraser and the blending stub (tortillion).

Draw the Hand Step By Step Peace Sign 20

Step 20: Finished!

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Merrill Kazanjian



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