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Merrill Kazanjian
Draw Scarface (Tony Montana) Step by Step

Draw Scarface (Tony Montana) Step by Step by Merrill Kazanjian


draw scarface step 1

Step 1.) Draw a half circle. Be sure to include the triangular shape, pointing downwards on the bottom right corner.

Draw scarface step 2

Step 2.) Step two is the most difficult step. Take some extra time to observe the shape that I just added. Notice that the indentation looks like a pointing finger. Also notice that, minus the indentation, this new shape is close tp being triangular.

draw scarface step 3

Step 3.) Add the two shapes for the eye socket. Notice that the negative space between them is triangular. Also notice that the shape for Scarface's left eye socket is a heart shape turned to the side. 

draw scarface step 4

Step 4.) Add the nose. Be sure to notice the placement of the nostril.

draw scarface step 5

Step 5.) Add the lines on either side of the nose and the line between the lips. The new shape is a trapezoid under the nose.

draw scarface step 6

Step 6.) Add a flattened M shape for the top lip and an upside down rainbow for the bottom lip.

draw scarface step 7

Step 7.) Form the left side of Scarface's face and his chin. Notice that its shape is similar to the letter J.

draw scarface step 8

Step 8.) Fill in the shapes on the inside of the ear.

draw scarface step 9

Step 9.) Add the two lines for the neck. Also, add the shadow shape under the ear.

draw scarface step 10

Step 10.) Add the shapes for the eyes. Each eye is similar to an almond shape with a circle in the middle (the Iris). Notice that the upper eyelid blocks the top of each circle.

draw scarface step 11

Step 11.) Put in the eyebrows and lightly ouline the contour of te eye with a slightly wider line.

draw scarface step 12

Step 12.) This step has more detail than difficulty..... So take some extra time to observe the shapes added under each eye. Notive that the central shape is an upside down rainbow under each eye.

 draw scarface step 13

Step 13.) Add the two lines to the forehead, above and between the eyes. Also take some time to fix the hairline.




Right Eye


scarface rt eye 1scarface rt eye 2
scarface rt eye 3 - Online Art Supplies

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Left Eye

left eye 1

 left eye 2

left eye 3


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forehead 1forehead 2
forehead 3 


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Mid Face

scarface 1scarface 2
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Lower Face

Scarace lower face 1scarface lower face 2
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hair 1hair 2
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Finishing Touches

Scarface Finish 1Scarface Finish 2

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- Merrill Kazanjian


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