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Learn How to Draw/Paint Step by Step Through Merrill's YouTube Videos
Drawing Tutorials: Athletes, Actors, Cartoon Characters, Entertainers, Musicians, Rappers, Politicians


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Learn to Draw Step by Step Through my YouTube Tutorials



Learn to Draw Step by Step

This is the most popular series of videos that I have on my YouTube channel (kazanjianm). These videos teach a simple skill that is very difficult to master; how to break a complex image down in to simple shapes, and render it on a piece of paper. 

The diffuculty of the videos in this series varies. If you are brand new at drawing, I recommend that you try the eyes, ears and nose videos at the bottom. It is an excellent starting point. - Merrill

 How to Draw Chris Paul Step by Step  How to Draw a Car Step by Step  How to Draw Drake Step by Step  How to Draw Iron Man Step by Step  How to Draw Chuck Norris Step by Step
How to draw Whitney Houston Step by Step  How to Draw a skull Step by Step  How to Draw Graffiti Characters Step by Step  How to Draw Rihanna Step by Step  How to Draw Wiz Khalifa Step by Step
 How to Draw Pitbull Merrill Kazanjian kazanjianm  How to Draw Lionel Messi Step by Step  Draw Nicki Minaj Step by Step  How to Draw Pogobat (Dan Brown) Step by Step  How to Draw Scarface Step by Step
How to Draw Yoda Step by Step Merrill Kazanjian How to Draw Marilyn Monroe Step by Step  How to Draw a Rose Step by Step Flower Drawing Tutorial  How to Draw A female Nerd Step by Step  How to Draw Albert Einstein Step by Step …
How to Draw Batman Step by Step How to Draw Mac Miller Step by Step  How to Draw Napoleon Dynamite Step by Step  How to Draw Lady Gaga Step by Step  How to Draw the Incredible Hulk Avengers …
 How to Draw Joker Step by Step (Batman Dark Knight)  How to Draw Michael Jackson Step by Step Pencil Drawing Tutorial  How to Draw Eminem Step by Step  How to Draw Lil Wayne Step by Step  How to Draw Bruno Mars Step by Step
 Draw LeBron James Step by Step  Draw Justin Bieber Step by Step  How to Draw Jeremy Lin Step by Step  How to Draw Tupac Shakur 2Pac Step by Step  How to Draw Jack Sparrow Step by Step
 How to Draw Kobe Bryant: Step by Step (YOUDRAW by Merrill Kazanjian)  How to Draw Jay Z Step by Step  How to Draw Megan Fox Step by Step kazanjianm  How to Draw Leonidas 300 Sparta Step by Step (Gerard Butler)  Draw Bruce Lee Step by Step
 Draw Katy Perry Step by Step  Draw michael Jordan Step by Step How to Draw Michael Jordan Step by Step Part 2 Draw George W Bush Step by Step  Draw Bruce Lee Step By Step 2
draw beyonce step by step How to Draw Kevin Durant Step by Step  Draw Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Step by Step  How to Draw Barack Obama Step by Step  How to Draw Bob Marley Step by Step
How to Draw John Lennon Step by Step How to Draw Kate Beckinsale Step by Step

draw lamborghini step by step

 Draw Kurt Cobain Step by Step  Draw Carmelo Anthony Step by Step
Draw Amare Stoudemire Step by Step Draw WTF expression  How to Draw James Hetfield (Metallica) Step by Step How to Draw YouTuber (ashens) Stuart Ashen Draw SoundlyAwake (Nicola Foti) Step by Step
 How to Draw an Occupy Wall Street Protestor  Expression of Grief Mourning Sneezing  How to Draw a Nerd Step by Step  Draw Really Annoying Orange Step by Step  How to Draw a Football Player Step by Step
 How to Draw a Couple Holding Hands Step by Step  Draw Praying Hands Step by Step  How to Draw a Hand Holding a Sword Step  Draw Thumbs up Step by Step  Draw Hand Peace Sign Hand Gesture Step by Step
Draw Hand Holding a Pencil Draw Pointing Finger Uncle Sam Step by Step How to Draw the Male Torso, Chest, Arms- Step by Step How to Draw Scared Fearful Eye Step by Step  Draw Angry Eye Step by Step
 How to Draw a Dragon Step by Step  HD How to Draw an Angry Mouth Step by Step (Scream Face Expression)  Draw Female Eye 3/4 View Step by Step  MASTER Drawing the Eye in 2 MINUTES  How to Paint an Eye Step by Step
 Draw Female nose Step by Step  MASTER: Drawing the Male Nose (How to Draw the Nose Step by Step  Part 1/3: Draw the Ear 3/4 View Step by Step  Part 2/3: Draw the Ear Side (Profile) View Step by Step  Part 3/3: Draw the Ear Front Face View Step by Step



If You MESS UP......DO THIS!

This Video was made to accompany my step by step videos (above). It will teach you a COOL TRICK, so that you can EASILY start over, if you make mistakes on the shading. 



Intro to Shading

Do you want to learn my shading techniques? This video will teach you basic shading techniques such as cross hatching and blending. It has a template for you to print out so that you can practice your shading along with this video! You're welcome!!!! 

(Link to Resource)

Drawing Tips- Building up Tones Through Cross Hatching, Shading, Drawing Pencils

How to Draw Realistic Looking People: (Tips/Strategies) This video will teach you the secrets of how to make realistic looking images. It highlights the importance of understanding that the edges of shapes that we observe and draw vary tremendously, and gives clues on how to mimic various textures.
Learn to Draw Hair in 5 Minutes This video will teach you how to mimic and blend the various textures of hair. 




Drawing Strategy: How to Break Images In To Simple Shapes
This video will teach aspiring artists how to break a complex image down in to simple shapes. 
Mass Drawing / Line Drawing- Learn to Draw Any Cartoon Character / What You See This video will teach you a technique called "Mass Drawing/Line Drawing". This technique will enable you to easily render what you see. It is demonstrated on cartoon characters but it can be applied to any image that you wish to observe and draw. 


YOUDRAW: Draw Along With Merrill
A playlist for "graduates" of my step by step videos. In this video series THERE ARE NO STEPS......Just guided practice.
How to Draw Derrick Rose How to Draw Nicki Minaj Figure Drawing Lesson 1 How to Draw Clint Eastwood
How to draw a baseball player step by step Practice Shading With Me How to Draw Mario How to draw smiling lips teeth



Human Body Proportion For Artists

Why is knowing human proportion important? Knowing how the human body fits together is one of the essential topics for any artist who wishes to draw from his/her "head" (from memory). My step by step videos (above) will teach you how to observe an image and break it down in to simple shapes. But my proportion series, teaches the opposite. It is the "yang" to the "ying" of my step by step series. No artist is complete without mastering BOTH! This video will give you simple and easy to remember formulas to learn the proportions of the human body. I worked VERY HARD on this!!!!! It is #1 in search on YouTube and I think it deserves that! -Merrill



Facial Proportions For Artists
This series is the portrait equivalent of the human body tutorial. It will give you easy to remember formulas (with demonstrations) so that you can draw the human head, from your memory, at all angles.
Part1: Face Proportions For Portrait Drawing: The Ultimate Guide Part2: How to Draw Face, Front View Step by Step Part3 Profile View- Face Proportions For Portrait Drawing Part 4- Draw Female Head From Side Step by Step (How to) Part 5- Draw Head 3-4 View Step by Step + Tutorial




Facial Differences Between Males and Females



How to Draw Facial Expressions
How to Draw Anger  How to Draw a Smile  Shock and fear facial expression 
Draw surprised expression Draw a Smile Part 1  Draw Grief


The "Illest" Illustration/Mixed Media Techniques


Drawing of an Apple Illustration Markers and Prismacolor Pencils This video (and accompanying resource) will teach you how to create a realistic looking apple. I used illustration markers and colored pencils. I worked really hard on this to be as descriptive as possible!
Supermarket Stick Up  
New Art Techniques Mineral Spirits and Color Pencil  
Boxing Trainer Speed Painting  
Illustration Marker Tutorial- Prismacolor, AD Chartpak, Pantone, Copic Drawing Demo  
Oil Pastels + Oil Paint + Color Pencils + Illustration Markers (Mixed Media Art)  
Mixed Media Artwork Demonstration Paint Markers Color Pencils Watercolor Oil Paint  
Paint Marker Tutorial  Illustration Markers and Opaque Paint Markers
Alternative Process to Oil Painting: Artwork by Merrill Kazanjian  Illustration Markers, Colored Pencils and Oil Paint on BleedProof Marker Paper
Yogi Bare Naked Yoga Instructor  Illustration Markers, Colored Pencils and Oil Paint on Watercolor Paper
Powerlifter Polka  Photo Collage
Mixed Media Art Oil Paint over prismacolor colored pencil  Illustration Markers, Colored Pencils and Oil Paint on  Watercolor Paper
Caffiene Junkie Coffee People  Illustration Markers, Colored Pencils and Oil Paint on Bleedproof Marker Paper
Psycho Cheerleader  Colored Pencils over Printed Digital Photo Collage.



Perspective For Drawing Part 1: Altering Your Mind  Landscape Painting- Hawaiian Sunset  Mark Crilley Realism Challenge  glazing oil painting tutorial
Art Visible From Outer Space: The Google Earth Gallery  Tradigital Art Portrait  how to paint a glass of water  How to Fix Painting Mistakes (Portrait of Derek Jeter) Merrill's T-Shirt Art Tutorial (Avery T-Shirt Iron on Transfers)
Mixed Media Painting Demonstration   Scooby Doo Makeover 2011  Dry Brush Drybrush Portrait of Vladimir Lenin  Draw a glass of water
     Portrait of Nelson Mandela- Dry Brush Technique (Oil Paint) painting tutorial how to draw a dog  Paint a Dog Painting Tutorial 1
     Speed Painting of Rihanna    
    Artmorphs- Unfaithful Politicians (Spitzer, Edwards, Sanford, Clinton) Bowling alley brawler  Martial Arts Artmorph
What is Youtube's Place in Art History?    Winehouse, Lohan, Trix Rabbit, Golum, Cookie Monster, Sonny Life in a Day Movie MTV Jersey Shore Girls / Mona Lisa Photo Morph
Mixed Media Drawing Church vs. Crown   Mugshot Artmorph  Merrill Goes Digital  



New layer...


 Take a short video of your work and post it as a video response to one of my videos! 

On August 9, 2011, my youtube channel kazanjianm reached 20,000 subscribers! CLICK HERE to visit my YouTube channel.


All work on this website is created by Merrill Kazanjian. Strict copyright rules apply.
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